Whether or not you decide to offer wedding favours to your guests may depend on your wedding budget and the number of guests. Traditionally, wedding favours were given to guests as a ‘thank you’ for celebrating your special day with you: This gift was usually a piece of wedding (fruit) cake! Most, if not all, brides today however have stopped that tradition and opted for something more creative and unique.

If you are thinking about offering your guests wedding favours here are some things to keep in mind;

How much do you want to spend on wedding favours?

These gifts can cost anywhere from $3.00-$12.00 (and up) a person, depending on what you choose. For a wedding with 100 people this could mean between $300 and $1200!

What kind of wedding favour do you want?

Here are some of the most popular suggestions;
  • Truffles, chocolates or fudge
  • Candied almonds (or other sweets)
  • Specialty customized Tea/coffee
  • Specialty cookies
  • Personalized Jam or honey
  • Flower/plant seeds
  • Bottle of wine/alcohol
  • Wine accessories (cork screen and cork)
  • Kitchen accessories (kitchen timer, salt/pepper shaker)
  • Wine/champagne/cognac glasses
  • Key rings
Please Note: Because of liquor by-laws, some reception venues don’t allow you to give wine or other alcohol as favours. It’s always best to check this before deciding on (and purchasing) a favour.

Wedding Favour Money Saving Tips:

If you are trying to cut down on your wedding costs this is one cost you can cut out altogether. If you don’t want to do that, here are some money saving tips:
  • Send one guest home with the centerpiece (you can even make a fun game out of this one)
  • Make your own momentum (e.g., a c.d. of your favourite songs, a picture frame, etc.)
  • Provide each couple with a gift, rather than each person
  • Purchase your own boxes/gifts bags rather than buying favours that come with packaging
Don’t forget to include the price of the boxes, or bags, and any ribbon, stickers, etc. that will be needed for the wedding favours as well.