The wedding venue you choose will really set the tone and style for your wedding, and may very well be the most expensive part of your wedding.

Renting a Venue

Most brides (especially those living in urban cities, like Toronto) will chose to rent a wedding venue whether it’s at a hotel, a museum, ski club, a boat, or another wedding appropriate venue (like Castle Loma, The Royal Botanical Gardens, etc.). The nice thing about renting a venue is that they will often come with a caterer, a D.J. a bar, all your linens and things and a full set of experienced serving staff. Most wedding venues come with pretty much all of your wedding reception needs (except of course your personal decorations and centrepieces/flowers).

Creating your own Venue

Another option for brides-to-be is to create your own wedding venue – to have an outdoor/tent wedding. The nice thing about this type of wedding is that you can really personalize it – you can have your wedding somewhere special (e.g., where you met, you fell in love, or got engaged) and decorate it however you want (some venues might have restrictions on some decorations). While this type of wedding can be really special, we have to warn you that it is also a lot of work (trust me, I did it). You have to rent a tent, the tables, the chairs, the dishes, the flatware, and more as well as hire all of your vendors (caterer and servers, D.J, photographer, videographer, etc.). Another thing to keep in mind is the time of year you plan to get married and the weather you might expect.