Emergency RemovalIn the case of an emergency where there is a medical necessity to remove your tungsten wedding ring, it can be fractured into pieces using standard vice grip pliers. Use the vice grips to crack the ring  - turn 180 degrees and crack the ring again.  The pieces of the tungsten carbide ring will fall away. 

Tungsten rings will not bend or lose its shape due to its extreme hardness. If you shut your hand in a car door, or drop a heavy object on it, your tungsten wedding ring will likely fracture into pieces.  A tungsten wedding ring will take an impact and break away unlike a precious metal band which can be crushed down onto the finger making removal difficult.   

Wedding Rings Canada has a Lifetime guarantee for damage – if your Wedding Rings Canada Tungsten Carbide wedding ring is ever damaged due to emergency removal we will replace your ring at 50% off.  Save the pieces of the ring and return them to us and we will have a ring back to you fast. 

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